Certified Course: "Wine Connoisseur"

Duration: Three months.

Reception: Spring-Autumn.

Spring Course Start Date: March 10-15

Autumn Course Start Date: September 15-20

Lecture / Workshops: Twice a week

Meeting time: 19:00 - 21:00.

Successfully graduated students will be awarded with “Wine Connoisseur” certificates.


Course program includes:

1. Wine culture and history;

2. History and geography of viticulture;

3. Vineyard maintenance and formation;

4. Vineyard pests and the means of combating them;

5. Bio and Organic Viticulture;

6. Qvevri wine technology;

7. Modern, technical equipment for small and large cellars;

8. General technology of classical winemaking;

9. Basics of tasting;

10. Wine evaluation;

11. Wine flavors;

12. Wine faults;

13. Wine tasting by regions;

14. Wine marketing and international markets;

15. Wine and high-alcohol beverage service (service +);

16. Georgian Gastronomy and History of Culinary;

17. Pairing of wine and food.

During the course, the participants will taste different types of wines  from different regions.

They will visit wine cellars and get to know to wine cellar processes.

The course fee is 1250 GEL.